The main purpose of ArchiCAD-Talk is to provide a forum for ArchiCAD users to communicate. By joining the forum, you can share experiences, questions, and comments with others. While Graphisoft employees monitor the discussions, Graphisoft doesn't guarantee that questions will be answered. The forum posts are not a replacement for formal support or bug reporting procedures. The forum is used for informal communication. Graphisoft will not be liable for providing fixes or responses to the postings on any of the forum topics. The forum usage is free of charge.


Name - ArchiCAD-Talk, Web site:

Owner - Graphisoft R&D, Budapest, Hungary

Content - Generic technical discussions on ArchiCAD and related issues

Monitoring - by various employees of Graphisoft

Moderator - Djordje Grujic, long time ArchiCAD user, acts as a moderator, ensuring that discussions on the forum remain professional and respectful of each other. One of his basic tasks is to split and/or redirect messages into the appropriate section of the forum if necessary. Also he is the right person to turn to regarding any change of the forum’s structure. He is responsible for distilling useful best practices in the tips&trick section of the forum. Besides this he is a regular member of the forum posting messages just like anyone in the group. At the same time Djordje scans the forum for unresolved issues and takes care of them. He collects and organizes ideas, opinions and criticism presenting them to Graphisoft. Contact Djordje via Private Mail on ArchiCAD-Talk.

Site Administrator – In case of any administrative problems in connection with the list, send email to the forum administrator.

Join/Leave - You can join ArchiCAD-Talk Forum by registering yourself on the web site.

When registering there are four required fields: username, e-mail address, location and password.
To be able to identify each other it is necessary to register with your real name (example: Grujic, Djordje). If you register with a nickname you will be prompted to change it. The e-mail address will not be published in order to protect you from unwanted e-mal traffic. As password, you are free to use any combination you wish. The location field is required and it is highly recommended that you give your country and city name here so that everybody knows which part of the glob you are from (example: UAE, Dubai).

If you would like to leave the forum send mail to the forum administrator.

Posting – You are allowed to visit the forum as anonymous, however, posting is allowed only for registered users.

E-mail notification – If you wish to receive e-mail notification about new posts in certain topics you can check in this option and you will receive the web-link of each new post in these topics. If you set up this system it can also serve as an enhanced digest function.

Archives – For content before 2003 October you can refer to

Newsgroups – The content of ArchiCAD-Talk after 2003 October will also be available from newsreader applications. The newsreader interface will, however, be read only. Posting is allowed only in the web-based forum.

Advertisements - An ad is anything being sold (services, hardware, software, etc.) All ads *must* have the topic tag [adv] in the subject line, and must be ArchiCAD related somehow. An ad for the same item should not be posted more than once in a 7-day period. Failure to comply with this policy will result in: First offense: a written warning, Second offense: cancellation of the membership.

ArchiCAD Licenses - You can use ArchiCAD-Talk for searching and offering used ArchiCAD licenses. These offers must be without reference to the price. The actual deal has to be made off-line. Graphisoft has no liability for the legitimacy of any offering made on this site. If we have reason to suspect that an improper offering is being made, we reserve the right to delete the post. Second offence may involve cancellation of membership.

Binaries - It is allowed to upload pictures and files to the forum. Nevertheless, the file size is limited (one 256 Kb file to each post) so if there is a bigger file you think people might be interested in, feel free to send the URL so that they can decide to download it themselves if they're interested.

Subjects - Use an appropriate subject. Titles should provide information about the content of the message.

Quoting - If you're referencing a part of someone's message, it’s proper etiquette to quote the message, and give an attribution to the author (use the forums technology for this). However, unnecessary quoting can also create extremely long messages. Try to limit yourself to quoting only the essential portion of the message.

Spam, Humor and anything forwarded - Don't forward chain letters, Spam, humour, or Internet junk mail to the list.

Avoid Profanity - Remember that everybody has a different idea as to what is vulgar or profane, so be thoughtful and avoid the commonly used "four letter words."

It is Graphisoft’s discrete right to remove any posts that conflict with its business interests !